Advisory Committee

Ahmet Özol

Ali Şimşek

Ata Yakup Kaptan

Belma Yağmur

Ekrem Kahraman

Elvin Öztürk

Erol Yıldır

Mehmet Aksoy

Şükrü Kara

Ünal Kuş


Turkey is a fascinating monument of the city of Antakya; is a contemporary, developed and at the same time an important center of culture, art and commerce. While the land of the Asi River in Antakya buries its abundance, the mysticism that flows from history, the harmony created by splitting the past and the present into two, transforms into an elegant and visual work of art by the sandy beaches of the Mediterranean.

Antakya is an important settlement for all civilizations since ancient times. It is possible to feel the traces of the thirteen civilizations, cultures and beliefs established in Anatolia from four thousands to today, and to absorb the point where art and history intersect. This city, which includes the riches of all cultures; Throughout history, he has also made his name known as commercial, artistic and religious. With these riches, the construction of many states in the historical process started in this region and became one of the important cities.

Many emperors and travelers have admired Antakya throughout the history and described this magical city as Queen of the East. MS.4 in the Roman period. the famous historian writer Marcellinus; "No city in the world, nor the abundance of the territory nor trade in this city could not pass through." He says, Antakya in the antiquity of the history of us coming out of history.


"The City of Peace", Antakya ... People who have been in different cultures since centuries have lived together in peace, such as Sunnis, Alevis, Catholics, Orthodox, Syrians, Muslims.

The Asi River has been the subject of legends. Antioch states have been the subject of the state of this land, you feel the history of the streets, the traces of works of art left in history.

Today, Antakya; As well as responsibility to bring the history of modern Turkey being the modern face as arts, culture, tourism continues to develop rapidly as a city of commerce and industry.

As the French historian Herve Georgelin stated for the cities; it is a multicultural, cosmopolitan structure that makes Antakya as Antakya. The geographic, historical and cultural characteristics of Antakya, while providing unique opportunities for international meetings and projects, are a must-see for Antakya in the modern age and a magical journey into the past.

Within the scope of ArtAntakya project; When the geography of Antakya, historical and political position is blended with art, the increased importance Our project,  region, which will bring the power that will arise from the integration of the city and art to undeniable dimensions, aims to be an artistic locomotive in the “ArtAntakya International Contemporary Art Show”.

In the event, galleries, museums, fine arts faculties and artists coming from Turkey and abroad will exhibit the works they produce. Antakya will become a brand value to be moved to national and international platform in the field of contemporary art.

Fatma Elvin Öztürk