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ArtAntAkyA 2. Virtual Contemporary Art Fair
Submission Conditions June 01 – 10- 2021
Deadline Submit May 20 2021

3 artists to be determined by our selection committee among the participants will be awarded. Honor Award - Young Artist Award - Incentive Award
Fair Participation Certificate

Will participate with a minimum of 3 jobs
Categories of works to be exhibited

Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphics, Photography, Print, Digital Art, Artistic Materials, New Art Movements, Collections, Artistic Publications, New Media

For works to be exhibited
The photos to be sent for exhibition are professionally photographed and the resolution will be 300 DPI, JPEG or TIFF.
Technical info
Name of the work, technical, size, year of construction
Is there a frame
Year of production
If the print is, how many prints and how many will be printed?
For the catalog (interactive) :, artistic photo of the artist, 200 words english cv

Fair Participation Fee
10$ per work will be deposited into the bank account number below.
150$ for Solo Exhibition (maximum 20 works)
25% commission is charged on sales

Fair introduction
E-mail announcements to collectors and art lovers
Social media ads facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter,
Interactive catalog

Artantakya fair Exhibition submission form

Bank Account: Ansam Der
İş Bank TR64 0006 4000 0026 1080 3466 80
After completing the preparations and making the payment, apply with the receipt from the web page or to the email